Class Semister Appeared Passed Percentage
B.A. I Sem 140 73 52
III Sem 107 49 46
V Sem 68 65 69
B.Com. I Sem 79 65 85
III Sem 107 49 46
V Sem 68 65 69
B.Sc. I Sem 15 13 87
III Sem 25 25 100
V Sem 14 11 79

    Sri Adichunchanagiri college of arts, commerce & science is a child of age old Sri Adichunchanagiri Mutt known for Anna, Akshara & Asharaya. The Adichunchanagiri shikshana trust(R.) was established on 13/12/1973. The trust is a representative body from all walks of life like religion, law, education, politics, environmental, agriculture, medicine etc…

     The Establishment of Sri Adichunchanagiri college of arts & commerce in the lonely & serene atmosphere of Sri Adichunchanagiri kshethra in 1973 was a discovery of an oasis in a desert for the students in & around Nagamangala taluk. The college is a sample of Gurukula system even in the modern times. The college was established under the auspice of Sri Adichunchanagiri shikshana trust, a reputed religious, social & cultural institution in Karnataka state. The president of the trust his holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Balagangadharanatha Swamiji started the college with the prime intention of providing higher education to the rural students who were deprived of the same for want of accessibility. Majority of the students at kshethra were free borders of the Mutt.

     To comply with the government policy of having a first grade college in every taluk Head quarter the college was shifted to Nagamangala Town in 1988. Majority of the students are coming every day from various corners of Nagamangala Taluk & even from adjacent Taluks like Mandya, K.R.Pet, (Mandya District) Turuvekere & kunigal(Tumkur District ) & C.R.Patna(Hasan District) etc., thanks to the government for providing concessional bus pass to students. In 1975, B.A. degree course had HEP, HES & HEG Optionals., was also introduced in the same year. Presently , there are HEP, HES & HEG combitions. B.Sc., Degree was introduced from the academic year 2006-07 with Physics, Mathematics & Computer Science as core subjects. Today, higher education is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Our Swamiji has made higher education not only accessible but also affordable to the rural students. The Adichunchanagiri education trust(R.)